Medical update – 030909 The Early Report

This being Monday, the A-list hospital staff is a bit harder to chase down.  Nevertheless, here’s what I think I know:

The EKG to check Mom’s heart has been rescheduled for today.  The MRI done Saturday turned up negative.  While this may seem like a good thing, it’s perplexing to me because it might’ve explained why she’s been falling for several days of the last week.  The Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) starts in her bladder, not kidneys as had been speculated, and might have been percolating for several days, not hours.  The UTI by itself could be the cause of all or most of her symptoms, and is being treated by IV meds.

Mom is in a semi-private room (her roommate is named Marcia).  Mom is less pooped now, and more able to take calls.  Her bed has roller-balls under the mattress to prevent bedsores.  Physical Therapy starts today for walking.  They might give her a walker.  M&P have one at home which might be adjustable to her height.  She has a catheter and a bedpan.  Yuck.

In my 3rd chat with her yesterday, Mom asked me to read to her the text of my last broadcast e-mail.  She wanted to know what was going on with her.  She really didn’t know; evidence that she’s not tracking with her reality quite yet.

Pop seems to be doing alright.  In a lengthy, wide-ranging conversation with him late yesterday, he expressed seemingly-genuine concern for Mom and for this situation.  He’s been at the hospital for up to three hours each day.  Much appreciation to George & Sally for his transportation, and for their personal vigilance and love.

Another update may be coming later if I get any solid news from hospital staff.


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