Medical update – 031009

Well, I’ll skip right to the headline: Mom will be released from Moses Cone Wednesday afternoon.  The attending physician made the announcement late today.  There is now a note in the chart for the doctor to call me.  I have doubts, and so, apparently, does nearly everyone else including Mom’s long-time personal physician who may insert himself into the dialog tomorrow.  I still haven’t heard definitive interpretations of the battery of tests performed Monday and Saturday.

Mom did walk for 30 minutes today albeit extremely slowly and with assistance from an attendant and from Pop.  Nevertheless, she seemed rather proud of her accomplishment.  While Mom seemed a bit livelier to me today over yesterday, others say she’s processing her thoughts and speech much more slowly.  My concern isn’t so much her mobility; it’s her ability to care for herself: dressing, eating, etc.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) morning, I will contact the caseworker at Cone to learn what I can and to see if maybe the decision to release is based on Medicare.  Whether it is or isn’t, it still seems premature especially to us non-medical folk.


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