Medical update – 031109

Mom will be released from Moses Cone Hospital today at 2pm.  The doctor told me that she did arrive last Friday with symptoms of a stroke, tests notwithstanding.  And she also has the UTI which is being successfully treated.  New for her, she has high blood pressure which is being treated with meds.  Pending a final PT/OT evaluation, there is nothing that can be done for Mom at the hospital that can’t be done equally well on an outpatient basis at home and in the care of her own personal physician.

The Doc said there’s an imperative to get elderly patients out of the hospital asap.  Reason: there are lots of sick people there and extending the stay increases the probability of acquiring infection.  George noted last Friday that there are people in gurneys lining the ER halls, each of them with the flu.

On the practical side of things, Mom’s nurse says she’s eating well by herself, can adjust herself in bed, and will be able to dress okay at home (she won’t have an IV getting in the way).  Still concerning is the speed with which she processes her thoughts, and her ability to move around at something greater than a snail’s pace.

George & Sally will pick up Pop after lunch, and will collect Mom and take her home.  I’m sure it’ll be an exhausting day for her, but she’ll be glad to be free of the hospital environment.

As with all such events, the specter of nursing homes looms larger in my head.  I’m repressing the thought for now.


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