Medical update – 032409

Yesterday was a bummer, so I waited until I had something good to report.  The bummer is that Clapps Nursing Center couldn’t discharge any of its patients over the weekend.  No available beds means Mom can’t get in.  Maybe in another week.  No one knows.  I was beginning to feel like Mom would never get rehabilitated, and that I would never get back home.

After receiving consent from M&P, I began this morning to expand our pool of nursing facilities to include two that were previously verboten.  I can now report that Mom is very likely to get a bed at the local Masonic Home sometime this week, and also as likely to get a bed at the local Jewish home this week.  My preference would actually be the latter for purely geographical/logistical reasons, but either one will do just fine.

M&P have often visited friends at the Masonic Home and know the place well.  A rep from the home came to assess Mom this afternoon, and Mom later said that she had a very positive feeling about going there.

Otherwise, the folks continue the afternoon ritual of sunning on the front porch, and Mom continues to walk around without requesting able-bodied supervision.  Pop was in bellicose form over the weekend, but has been comparatively mellow yesterday and today.  Lisa has shipped me a box of clothing, and Elizabeth has sent me her laptop.  George & Sally continue to feed me and house me.  How blessed am I?


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