Medical update – 032609

At long last, Mom has a new (albeit temporary) home.  She was admitted today into Blumenthal Jewish Nursing & Rehabilitation.  It is a quasi-hospital/nursing home environment; meaning that it’s not quite as nice-looking as Wagon Wheel Ranch.  By itself, this would be a motivator for Mom to succeed in her rehab and get back to WWR.  But it’s okay in it’s own rite, and the food is quite good.  Mom enjoyed her dinner this evening: shredded Bar-B-Q’d beef with cabbage cooked just right, cubed potatoes, and peach slices for dessert.

After breakfast tomorrow, she will begin 6-day/week OT/PT and Speech Therapy for about 20 days.  I want to see how her schedule goes before setting my own schedule for daily visits.  Pop preliminarily wants to visit for a couple hours every other day.  I will be visiting with him at WWR, too.  Can’t leave him out.

There is no phone in the room (her choice), and she’s waffling on whether she wants a TV.  Things get really quiet there from about 3pm on.  They’ll be working her pretty hard, so she’ll need recovery time.  Short family visits are okay, but friends will have to wait until after her return to WWR.  This is at Mom’s request.


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