Medical update – 032909

It took a couple of days for the message to sink into my thick skull, but it seems my work is done here.  George & Sally and Mom & Pop all said that I should go home. My rationale for staying was to be an advocate for Mom when needed, to be an encouragement and, mostly, to ensure that she knew she wasn’t being dumped in a nursing home.  Well, it seems that all three points are well-covered.  Mom is very confident in her rehabilitation, and she knows she’ll be returning to Wagon Wheel Ranch.  So home I will be with my bride on Monday night.  I have the added treat of dining with my baby sister at a connecting airport.

Pop seems to be holding up just fine.  I’ve visited him each day, and I think he appreciates that he, too, isn’t being forgotten.  Mom is getting along well with her new roommate.  They have remarkably common interests (church, friends, old movie musicals) and disinterests (phones, TV’s).  I rented and played The Sound of Music for them on Elizabeth’s laptop in two parts yesterday and today.

Before I leave, I’ll be talking with Mom’s therapists and to the Blumenthal Administrator to establish lines of communication.  Other than that, I leave M&P both in the hands of George & Sally without whom I could not have done this.  With friends like these, I don’t need other friends at all.

I’ll write again, of course, as soon as there’s something to report.  Elizabeth will be here next Friday thru Sunday, so maybe we’ll get an update from her as well.


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