Medical update – 033109

From Elizabeth:

Once again, you have set an example of self-sacrifice and compassion. Thank you for your 2+ weeks spent in attendance to our parents.

I had the pleasure of treating Fred to dinner last night at the airport before he connected to an MSP flight.  He looked good but was very, very tired.  Still, he wasn’t too tired to share a lot of laughs with me.  I am relieved that he will now have some time to catch up on sleep in his own bed and spend time with Lisa.

It will be my turn this weekend.  I will visit both Pop and Mom on Friday before trekking to the George & Sally’s house for the night.  Once again on Saturday and then Sunday morning, and I’ll have to get back home so I can get to work on Monday.  I’m thrilled to take my turn and serve our parents any way I can. Fred, George & Sally have all done SO much!


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