Medical update – 090409

I’ve been holding off writing this e-mail for a couple of weeks now while I considered the question: Do we have a problem here, or not?

We have a problem.  Actually, two.

Mom has not been eating or drinking well for close to a month now.  When she does eat, she sometimes throws it back up.  Along with that, she is depressed, dizzy and fatigued to the point of staying in bed all day.  Her semi-annual doctor’s appointment was August 11 and a series of tests were run but all turned out negative.  A second visit on Aug.20 and more tests…all negative.  But the doctor prescribed an anti-nausea med which has had some good effect.

Mom was referred to (and examined by) a stomach specialist last Thursday.  He has requested the test results from Mom’s GP and will then decide what additional tests need to be run.  It is possible that the additional tests can be run for the doctor by the nursing staff at Wagon Wheel Ranch.  Meantime, Nexium has been prescribed.

Mom has had a sprinkling of good days.  Yesterday seemed to be one of them.  Then, not so much…

Here’s what I think I know: WWR is replacing the carpeting in the hallways as part of a multi-million dollar renovation project.  Mom left the dining room after lunch and somehow found some carpet glue on which to slip…and she fell.  George & Sally transported her to Wesley Long Hospital where x-rays revealed a fracture in her left elbow.  Mom was given a sling and pain meds, and an appointment was set for next Thursday at which an orthopedic surgeon will decide when pins or screws will be applied.  This will likely be an overnight hospital stay.  Why didn’t this surgery take place at WLH last night?  Unclear.  But I’m told that it is medically normal for a week’s interval between the fracture and surgery.

Mom’s meals are being served to her in her room till further notice.  She sounds groggy from the pain meds, and just wants to lie down and rest.

It has been discussed, and we all agree: there is no practical purpose to my being in Greensboro at least for now.  George & Sally (to whom we are indebted) have the necessities covered, and we are talking frequently.

Have a Good holiday weekend !          Fred


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