Medical update – 090809

Mom had a good day. George was at the hospital at 8am to supervise breakfast which she ate with zeal. Lunch went well, too. She picked out and ate all of the beef tips. Yum.

Results of this morning’s stomach/GI CT Scan are still not known. But the brain scan came back negative, meaning there were no strokes. She is stable and in reasonably good spirits.

I arrived at WLH as scheduled. Dixie was here chatting and helping Mom eat a little dinner. Within 5 minutes, I was providing a doctor with information which helped him figure out what to do next. The highlight: tomorrow they’ll do a MRI/MRA of Mom’s brain specifically to see what Parkinson’s might be doing. Parkinson’s is a disease of the nervous system, and is primarily located in the brain. Then there’s the customary OT/PT analyses to see if she’s releasable to Wagon Wheel Ranch.

Mom’s cognition is not entirely okay. She has some ideas about her recent experiences that don’t exactly square with reality (as told to me by professional witnesses & George). And here’s a surprise: she thinks she’ll be spending the night in the attic with the other vagrants. Huh?

I’ve also learned that her vision problem may be a result of her not having an eye exam for over three years. And her new dentures need adjustment. These things will be at least initiated before I leave (whenever that might be).

After I get a briefing from the night charge nurse, I’ll grab some dinner, go to George & Sally’s, change, and return to WLH to spend the night. Gotta keep an eye out for vagrants. Then let’s see what tomorrow brings.

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