Medical update – 090909

*** NEWS FLASH *** Mom snores.
We now return to our regularly scheduled post.

Mom had another good day (compared to Monday), but she’s inclined to sleep hard all day, and when she’s awake, she didn’t talk much.

45 minutes with a physical therapist showed Mom’s continued enthusiasm for walking. But deficiencies were uncovered, too. She is unable to dress by herself or to perform ordinary potty hygiene. The latter is a likely contributor to Mom’s continuing UTI problems (which could ultimately kill her).

The Wesley Long Hospital social worker in charge of releasing Mom talked at length with me this morning. Whereas Mom may be deemed medically releasable, she can’t go back to Wagon Wheel Ranch without the ability to do the things mentioned above.  Absent improvement in this area, she will be released to rehab (as she was in March), or to skilled nursing care (a more or less permanent nursing home thing). As of today, the SW and I were both leaning toward SNC based on current observations of her cognition and her limited abilities.

The WLH MRI machine broke down, so Mom and I took a little ride in a paramedic unit to Moses Cone (no siren. Darn). An hour later, we were back. Mom slept on both legs of the trip. Preliminary results are negative.

One of the earlier labs taken showed elevated enzymes in her heart. So as a longshot, an EKG & an ultrasound have been ordered for Thursday morning. Speculation is that these tests will come back clean, too.

One rumor has Mom discharged tomorrow. Another has her here for a few more days for further OT/PT evaluation. I can only play it as it comes.

That’s all for now.         Fred

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