Medical update – 091109

After fresh elbow x-rays late Thursday night, the ortho doc this morning set an office visit for us next Tuesday. Surgery may not actually take place until yet another week later. The fracture is only 4mm displaced. This is apparently not enough to get excited about. Drugs are managing the pain.

As if yesterday wasn’t enough, today provided another opportunity to excel with administrative details. It takes a lot to get Mom out of this joint. She was released by the hospital’s main doctor at 3pm. CareLink transportation didn’t arrive until 6:30.

So we checked into Piedmont Place at 7. A couple of nurses saw to it that Mom was settled in nicely. We developed a list of things I will get from Wagon Wheel Ranch tomorrow morning. I left at 8 for dinner at George & Sally’s. I returned to PP at 10pm. Mom announced, “I’m not staying here. I don’t like it.”

She has apparently received a couple of negative impressions, whether real or perceived. I can only hope that things will smooth over in the morning.

Ugh.         Fred

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