Medical update – 091209

Mom’s meds regimen did not follow her properly from the hospital, so she was awake until almost 3am when the meds did finally arrive. She skipped breakfast in favor of more sleep and later had a nominal lunch.

Mom re-asserted her unhappiness with Piedmont Place this morning; “I still expect to be leaving.” But through the day, there were indications that she was softening.

We opened her window shade to reveal an inner courtyard which she declared is lovely. We took a long (slow) walk through some of the hallways. We sat in the shade in the courtyard. It was all good.

And when we returned to her room, Sally & George were there to cheer her accomplishment. This is the most activity Mom has had in several weeks. Among other things, she told them that she was “at peace.”

I left her in their tender care and went speed walking for an hour. I cleaned up, grabbed dinner at KFC, and returned to PP to find Mom disenchanted with her dinner. And here’s where the magic happened…I offered to go around the corner to KFC and get her favorite 3-pc grilled chicken dinner. Bingo! Contentment.

Elizabeth sent some flowers to pretty up the room, and a teddy bear named “Teddy.” We figured out that Teddy is a she. I challenge any of you to argue.

Backing up a bit…I went to Wagon Wheel Ranch this morning to pick up some of Mom’s stuff. Pop came back to PP with me for a visit, and we headed back after 45 minutes and not very much conversation between them. We had lunch at The Mexico restaurant near WWR, and while he ate in customary silence, I explained that while I respect Mom’s seniority and dignity, I was communicating with her at an almost childlike level.

I told him that my tone was important, and that the way I asked questions was, too. I had given him plenty of opportunity during his visit to see how this works. I don’t expect him to change, but I can only hope that a little of this example will rub off on him. It would be nice…

Tomorrow, it’s the PP version of church: “The Potter’s House.”

Have a Good weekend !       Fred

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