Medical update – 091409

If soap operas ain’t your cup ‘o tea, you can skip this post.

Mom slipped and fell in the bathroom again this morning.  She said she was dizzy when she got out of bed, and dizzy while she was in the bathroom.  She claims to have slipped on something wet on the floor (which may have been of her own creation) and she fell.  She pulled the nurse-call alarm, was rescued, cleaned up, examined for injury (there was none), and sent off to breakfast.  Her clothing was gathered and carted away to the Piedmont Place laundry.

She had good clarity of mind as we spent time in the garden again after lunch.  We had an in-depth discussion and it was nice to see here thinking almost normally again.  After a while, it was back to bed for a nap, and I went off on errands.

Later in the afternoon, she decided to go looking for the laundry.  They found her wandering in the North courtyard..far from her room.  I arrived for my 2nd visit of the day just as a nurse was marshaling Mom back to her room.  “Why were you in the courtyard, Mom?”  “Because the laundry is there.”

We chatted about other things and about 5 minutes passed when she got up and said she was going to look for the laundry.  I said, “Mom, we don’t know where the laundry is.  Besides, they’ll bring it back here to you.  That’s how it works here.”  “Okay.”  And she sat back down.  30 seconds later, she announced that she was going to look for the laundry.  Are you beginning to see a pattern?  This happened five times in three minutes.

So Mom is now classified as a “walker.”  This is what they call people who just up and walk out.  A radio-controlled bracelet now adorns her left ankle which automatically locks any exterior doors she might attempt to exit through.  If her wanderings become a greater problem, she’ll be relocated to a special secure wing with other walkers.

I’m sure there are other details of the day that I’m forgetting to tell you.  But I’m tired and I don’t like soap operas.


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