Medical update – 091509

A short update for a long day.

Mom had her hair done and had her 2nd session of physical therapy this morning. Someone misinformed her that her 1pm appointment had been canceled. But I tracked it down and got her there on time. We were there for 3 1/2 hours.

On Friday, we’ll go for a pre-op physical, and the surgery will take place next Monday morning. It’ll be an overnight at Moses Cone Hospital. Release will be Tuesday maybe as late as 3pm.

When it’s all done, Mom’s left elbow will have a screw in it and a thin cable loop beneath the screw will attach to a muscle which will actually speed up the bone re-attachment.

As reward for her missing lunch and her long-suffering in the chilly doctor’s office, we went to Golden Corral for an early dinner. Mom ate hot clam chowder, two slices of chocolate cream pie and a cup of decaf. I ate everything else.

We’re sitting now in the garden where it’s still very warm. Mom really likes that.


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