Medical update – 091609

Today, I ironed a shirt and went to a meeti…oh wait; Mom.  Yeah.  Take two.

Mom worked hard for two hours this morning in Physical Therapy, and again for an hour and a half in Occupational Therapy this afternoon.  What’s different this time from six months ago is that she really doesn’t want to do it.  Her body temp is set to frigid and she’s perpetually tired.  She just wants to be in bed with many blankets over her, and Teddy in her arm.

A cognitive therapist spent about 30 minutes with her this evening.  She skipped the math questions, still doesn’t know what year it is, and couldn’t re-draw a couple of overlapping quadrangles.  I then spoke privately with the therapist and provided her with what she viewed as valuable information.

Mom is getting many welcome visitors.  Dixie, Mary and Brona each visited today, and Pop was there, too, for about an hour.

If Thursday is a dull as today, I will skip the daily Medical update.  I will almost certainly have an update on Friday, however, as that is the day on which the pre-op physical takes place.  Exciting, huh?


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