Medical update – 091809

Mom’s pre-op physical was done today. Lots of poking & prodding, x-rays, ECG, and fluids drawn. When it was all done, she was too pooped for lunch and we returned directly to Piedmont Place…
…where she was immediately whisked off to PT and OT.

I brought Pop to PP for a visit. He brought with him the news that their close friend, Bill, had passed away. Tomorrow, I will bring both M&P to the family visitation. This was anticipated and neither of them are surprised or grief-stricken.

Mom has a cordless phone now. All of our numbers have been programmed into it and her call plan includes international.

When I returned from taking Pop back to Wagon Wheel Ranch, I found Mom attempting to turn on the TV…
…with the telephone !

Oy !

Honestly, I think I’ve made a big (expensive) mistake getting a phone. Mom is clueless how to use it even though it’s the simplest thing I could find. I’m not going to program the v-mail because she wouldn’t know how to retrieve it. Even the 1-touch dialing of our numbers is too challenging.

I don’t know what the deal is with Mom’s cognition. On one hand, she figured out (without being asked) that Bill had been their friend for 34 years. On the other hand, she skips the simple math questions on OT evaluations. She described a “new suit” I should bring back from WWR. No such suit exists. She asked me tonight to answer my phone so I could buy her a sewing machine.  Fraglenabbits!  And I was going to surprise her with a brand new Singer.

On the other side of things, Mom lost her balance on the way to dinner tonight. I caught her.

I really don’t know what the pro’s are thinking, but I’m more convinced than ever before that Mom needs long-term skilled nursing care.

Have a Good weekend !        Fred

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