Medical update – 092109

Weekend highlights include Bill Yarborough’s visitation on Saturday. Yesterday, Mom & I attended Piedmont Place’s church (same preacher; ‘ha!’). I then had lunch with Pop at Wagon Wheel Ranch and watched the first half of the Carolina Panthers/Atlanta Falcons game with him.

Elizabeth generously donated an airline ticket to the cause, and Lisa is here with me now. We truly appreciate it.

So now to the big news…
Mom came through her elbow surgery well today. Attached is Mom’s post-surgical x-ray. The screw positions the fractured bone and a muscle is now attached to the metal loop beneath the screw. When Mom flexes that muscle, she’ll actually be aiding in her bone’s healing. The orthopedic surgeon  said everything went normally. He will visit her again in the morning and will likely then release her back to PP. In the meantime, she is resting comfortably (read: out like a carp). She is in a private room and has a direct-dial phone, but to be perfectly honest with you, I don’t think Mom will be talking with anyone tonight…even me; and I’ll be here all night.


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