Medical update – 092509

Roommate Rosalyn was moved to another wing today, never to annoy Mom again.

We had Mom’s hair and nails done, so she is ready to par-tay. And Pop & I had a conference with his doctor. After that, he came back to Piedmont Place for a visit.

So we had us a little family meetin’.

Lisa and I have been thinking about it for a long time, and given the additional two medical incidents this year alone, we believe that more direct family supervision has become a necessity.

Today, we told Mom & Pop that we are moving to Greensboro to be better able to monitor their care. We’ll feel better being closer.

I have been acting as M&P’s “parent” in both a legal and practical sense for some years already. Lisa and I feel that the time has come for us to fulfill that responsibility with a more hands-on presence in Greensboro. The professionals still get to do their jobs — we’ll just be closer to do our part more effectively.

Mom was darn near gleeful. Pop easily recognized the correctness of our thinking. Many details to follow.

Have a Good weekend !       Fred


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