Medical update – 092909

It has again been a few days without word from me.  Is it because nuthin’ much is happening here?  Of course not!  It’s because…it’s because……okay, nuthin’ much is happening here.

The folks and George & Sally and Lisa & I celebrated my birthday Sunday afternoon at Olive Garden.  The food and service were terrific.  We all had a really good time.

Today, Mom had her head examined (er, no…she had her left elbow examined).  The screw (in her elbow, not her head) has loosened one turn.  This is caused by her jostling of the arm and seems not to be a problem just yet.  Of the 14 stitches, half were removed today and replaced with Steri-strips.  Mom loves her new “hot pink” cast.  It is, in fact, raspberry.  But don’t tell that to her…she thinks it’s pink. Pop let it be known today that he and Mom are probably leaving Wagon Wheel Ranch.  Unfortunately, he let it be known to the loose lips at WWR.  Early tomorrow, I will have to put out that little fire.  But the actual truth is that M&P will likely be leaving WWR.  Plans are a-hatchin’, and I’ll let you in on them just as soon as I can make sense of them.

Meanwhile, Lisa and I continue to look for a shack in which to live.  Y’all have done it, so you know how very much fun it can be.  “I did NOT like that house!”  “Yes, you DID!”

Oy !       Fred


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