Medical update – 100109

Lisa and I may have found our future home.  Some finishing work needs doing on the interior before it can be occupied, and the requisite paperwork will be undertaken on Friday.  But we’re hopeful that we’ll finally have a place to call home.

Pop, meanwhile, has decided that he does want to move to Piedmont Place — sooner than later.  He’s already let it be known at Wagon Wheel Ranch that he was leaving, and he has already removed all of the items hanging from the walls, boxed up books, packed the elements of the Grandfather Clock; you get the idea.  He somehow got the idea that I would be moving him out today or tomorrow, and he wanted to help me by getting these things done.

Of course, I had been emphatic in telling him that he should not lift a finger to pack (he has carpal tunnel in both wrists and a bad back).  I was also very careful to NOT give Pop the idea that his possible move would come anywhere near that fast.  So there’s a bit of egg is on his face, and his room looks like a tornado struck it.  But not for too long; he’ll probably be moved sometime next week.  Still working out the details with PP.

Mom continues to make small gains in therapy each day.  On Friday, I will show her the room she will soon occupy, and introduce her to her roommate.  I think they’re gonna get along famously.  But Mom’s initial response is to wish for a private room.  I’m asking her to try the roommate thing for a while before we consider the added expense of her going private.

Have a Good day !         Fred


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