Medical update – 092409

It’s been a relatively uneventful couple of days, so I haven’t written. Lord knows, I don’t want to burn you out reading these massive missives.

I had a meeting with Mom’s caregivers and decision-makers here at Piedmont Place today. They are unanimous in their affection for her both as a person and a patient. They also say that while she could easily be here longer than 20 days (which is paid 100% by Medicaid), she is progressing a little bit every day, and will – in all likelihood – be released to Assisted Living.

Lisa and I gave them our thoughts about Mom’s future prospects in the AL environment (not good), and I believe they were well-considered. So we opened a discussion about having both M&P here so that when Mom does need Skilled Nursing Care again (and she most certainly will), it will be a simple move down the hall. No fuss or bother.

Another plus for PP is that they follow a “nursing model” as opposed to a “social model” (ala Wagon Wheel Ranch). There aren’t very many AL beds here among the 230 total beds because the focus here is primarily on nursing.

Perhaps a bigger plus is the number of staff, and the competence and caring being applied to Mom here. It goes deeper than people doing their jobs (ala WWR).

A minus is that PP is a nursing facility and, as such, has a lot less aesthetic character than WWR. This place looks spartan compared to WWR’s homey. Also, there are a far greater number of obviously infirmed people here than at WWR. Mom noticed that right away. She hasn’t reconned with the fact that she’s one of ’em.

So what’s developing is a scenario where both M&P will be here at PP in Assisted Living. This could happen perhaps by November. There are still many thoughts to think and details to consider, but it’s all happening at a thoughtful, deliberate pace.

Mom is firmly on board with the idea already, and Pop is fretting about the logistical aspects of moving. He will obviously not be expected to lift a finger. He just needs something to worry about.



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