Medical update – 100609

It was a day for details.  But not before the drama.

As you already know, Mom’s strong desire is to graduate from rehab and to then be moved to a private assisted living room.  As a Medicaid patient, this turns out to simply not be possible.  We’d have to full-pay for her (as we currently do for Pop who is not on Medicaid), and that is not financially sustainable.  So a semi-private room is in her future.  She strongly objects to the room that had been chosen for her based on the messy-ness of the room, the window view, the location of the sink, etc.  Mom came up with a dozen objections over time.  I told her I’d work on an alternative.

Today that alternative appeared.  It’s neat, sweet and petite.  Roommate “Miss Florence” is as nice as they come.  She’s quiet, hardly watches TV, visits with neighbors often, walks, occasionally holds Bible studies, etc.  It is not what Mom wants.  But she’s trying to adapt to the compromise.  She knows it’s better than the first choice.  She’s not happy, but I think she’ll give it a go.  If it fails, I don’t get a Christmas card from her this year.

As mentioned in previous reports, Mom is in need of visits to her eye doctor and to her dentist.  Both of these things occurred this morning.  Her vision prescription remains unchanged.  All she needs is proper lighting and to wear her reading glasses (as opposed to her bi-focals) and to position her book between 16 – 20″ from her face.  Problem solved: cheap.

Last year, Mom got partial upper dentures.  I now know that the decision to go that way was financially motivated.  I don’t have all of my spending records with me here or I’d add up the many hundreds of dollars that have been wasted to get the partial done.  I say “wasted” because the true solution for Mom’s dental problems is actually a bridge.  The estimate was given to me today, I convinced Mom that it was necessary, and it was gratefully approved.  Two hours of temporary bridge work will be done this Thursday.  The permanent bridge will be installed in about three weeks.  Problem solved: expensive.  Pop doesn’t know, and he doesn’t need to.

There was a bunch of paperwork for me to do today to get Pop seamlessly into Piedmont Place tomorrow.  Forms, meds, official authorization, etc. all needed doing.

Lisa and I found a townhouse to rent yesterday, and I tackled the paperwork for it today.  We’ve got our fingers and toes all crossed.  Please do your part.  We hope to be in it by November 1.  This, of course, means getting back to Minneapolis to pack up and then to truck the whole mess down here.

On Wednesday, I rent a Ryder truck and haul three armchairs, a TV and a Grandfather clock out of Wagon Wheel Ranch.  Lisa will follow in the car, and will be hauling Pop to Piedmont Place with me.  Mom will get her electric armchair, Pop will get the burgundy and green armchairs and the TV.  Maybe on Thursday, I will inventory everything that remains at WWR and go over it with Mom for the disposition of each item.  She appreciates that I stopped Pop from trashing more stuff.  I’m hoping that she won’t find it necessary to keep everything.  Where would it all go?

Also on Wednesday, I’ll attend a Family Care Plan meeting at PP for Mom.  I’ll find out how she’s progressed so far, and may find out how much more rehab is in store for her.  After that, Lisa and I will truck north to Virginia to deliver the Grandfather clock to its new permanent home: Marsha and Jamie’s house.  It will be well-loved and cared-for there.

Have a Good day !      Fred


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