Medical update – 100909

Good things are happening here.

Mom’s therapies continue to go well.  We received an official progress report a couple of days ago.  Small gains are being made each day.  New doctors are being added to the mix to figure out the ongoing cognitive mysteries.  Maybe an adjustment of meds will help.  Meanwhile, Mom has charmed staff and patients – just as she always does.  She may be in therapy for yet another 2 – 3 weeks.  Also, 2 1/2 hours of torturous dental work was done on Thursday.  Mom now has a temporary bridge and will have her new permanent bridge installed Nov.3.

Pop was moved to Piedmont Place on Wednesday and, thus far, has voiced only two complaints: one – while the food is terrific, the portions are too large.  And, two – someone was vacuuming the halls at 11pm on Wednesday night (this has been noted by the Administrator and should not happen again.  Anyway, Pop fell back to sleep almost immediately.).  He seems genuinely happy to be at PP; Mom seems genuinely happy that he is there.  They are interacting well and are dining together in the formal dining room at lunch and dinner.  They are spending some time each day in the garden enjoying the beautiful setting and weather.  Then they go their separate ways.  This seems to suit them well.

Pop’s room is not settled quite yet.  Tomorrow we’ll hang pictures and remove excess domiciliary inventory to some as yet undetermined place of temporary storage.  His TV is working, though.  And he’s happy in his green armchair.  He really seems quite a different man.  Is it true unhappiness with Wagon Wheel Ranch?   Is the Citalopram (Selexa) kicking in?  Has he come to realize that he’s missing something when Mom’s not around?  All of the above?  None of the above?  Otherwise, I’ve decided that Pop has to have a phone.  But rather than spend another $65/month, I will add him to my cell phone plan for $10/mo.  He’ll hardly make any outgoing calls, I know; except maybe to me.  In any event, I’ll be able to call him when I need to, and so will you.  Just think: POP WILL HAVE A CELL PHONE !   Pigs do fly.

Mom slept on it and has decided that my alternative room solution is just peachy with her.  She likes the roommate, thinks the space will work, and now seems motivated to get there.  I’m relieved.  My job stress level has been quite high.

My stress level (and Lisa’s) will be considerably improved by the fact that we signed a one-year lease today on a local townhome.  It’s good to know that we have a place to call home; a place where our stuff will be; a space that suits our lifestyle just perfectly and one that begs for guests.  We (and by “We” I mostly mean Lisa) are thrilled with the result of our long search which has included upwards of 90 homes over the past 2 1/2 weeks.

So Lisa will fly back to Minneapolis on Sunday, and I will follow two days later.  We have a lot of packing to do and many family and friends to cry happy tears with.


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