Medical update – 101209

None of the t’s got crossed.  None of the i’s got dotted.  Everything’s closed.  It’s Columbus Day; ruiner of my great plan.

But is was not a day to ignore.  Two events deserve noting: one, Mom visited with a shrink; and two, Pop told the truth.  Again.  Unfortunately.

Among the many evaluations Mom must endure in order to graduate from rehab is a psych eval.  A nice Doctor lady of about 60 spent most of an hour with Mom, and I popped in on about the last 15 minutes of it.  I was asked if there was anything we should be talking about.  I asked if Pop had been discussed.  Good questions were put to Mom who gave sparse but honest answers.  Future meetings between them will include discussions about abuse and large doses of empowerment.

Which brings us to the second event.  After I finished programing Pop’s voice-mail (“What is voice-mail?”  “It’s just like your answering machine.”  “Oh.”), George & Sally popped in for a visit.  They looked around and saw a room that had nice framed works of art on the walls and all of the things needed for comfort plus a great view of a garden.

George asked if Pop was happy in this place.  And Pop said “No.”  “What?!?”, I said.  And he went into his spiel about how he wasn’t going to sugar-coat his feelings anymore; that if he felt rotten, he was going to say so.  I held my tongue (I really don’t know why).  What was screaming in my head was, “Well, why then did we go through the effort and expense of moving you here if you’re just going to be miserable here — not to mention making others miserable for your being here?”

I didn’t say it because I have found over the years that my first reaction is often damaging (just ask my ex).  So I grabbed some KFC, ate in the hotel, answered some e-mails, and found myself angry and frustrated.  Then I beat up on a treadmill for an hour and, in-so-doing, beat my previous personal best by 0.2/mi.

So here I am now writing this e-mail and I’m still angry.  It must be that I have a hidden desire to solve “the Pop problem” or something, elstwise why would I have an emotional reaction?  It’s a good thing that I’m traveling home tomorrow.  If I were still in G’boro, I would be giving serious thought to returning Pop to Wagon Wheel Ranch where they’re (not happily) used to him and his profanity-laced tirades.

Happy Columbus Day.        Fred


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