Medical update – 101109

After much rehearsal of the words I’d use, Mom took my script away.  She told us that Pop has been behaving well and she had no problems with him.  She has either capitulated to him, or she simply doesn’t understand what’s going on anymore.  Whatever.  When Pop entered the room, I simply used the opportunity to re-tell them the rules: that they were welcome to interact to their hearts content, but that there could be no coercion, no arguing, etc.  My remarks were directed to them equally.  Anti-climax.

Pop has taken an apparent liking to his brand new cell phone.  I was surprised to see him fidgeting with it in his pocket today.  Amusing, really.  I’ll set up his voice-mail tomorrow.  Call him sometime.  I think he’ll be tickled.

Lisa is back in Minneapolis tonight.  High temp tomorrow will be 38 with a 90% chance of snow.  Brrr.  It’ll warm up to 43 for my arrival there on Tuesday.  While we’re talking about Minnesota…the Vikings are 5 – 0 with Brett Favre at the helm.  And the Twins just played their last ever game at the HHH Metrodome today.  Next year, it’s the brand new Target Field on the other side of downtown Minneapolis.

Tomorrow, there are a hundred t’s to cross and i’s to dot.  After a couple meetings at PP, I have accounts to close at WWR, accounts to transfer to PP, and new accounts and utilities to open for Lisa and my future home.  There’s also the curio cabinet and its contents at WWR which will be held in temporary storage in George & Sally’s basement.  I’m hoping it’ll fit in the trunk of the rental Impala with the back seats down.

Have a Good week !        Fred


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