Medical update – 110309

Sorry I didn’t follow up on yesterday’s e-mail. Further testing was not called for and the gash in Mom’s scalp seems superficial. They didn’t even have to bandage it.

Pop almost seems happy to me. Without prompting, George said the same thing. Maybe the Citalapram (Selexa) is finally kicking in. Or maybe we’re both just wishfully thinking.

Today, a regular visit with Mom’s doctor turned into a big deal. She claims to have not had a bowel movement in 3 months. Major consternation from the doc and from me.  I go critical after 3 days!

Anyway, we’re currently at Greensboro Women’s Hospital where x-rays and other tests are being performed on an outpatient basis.  Results will come back in a couple of days.

Lisa arrived late last night and we’re deeply involved in placing furniture and unpacking boxes. In the history of moving, this has been – by far – our best ever; not perfect, but pretty darn close. There are many more days ahead before we can collapse and claim to be settled in.   Meantime, I sure could use a nap.

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