Medical update – 110609

Mom fell in her bathroom again tonight. I just got the call a short while ago. [Question 1: Why is she falling so much? Question 2: Why in the bathroom?] She didn’t use the water-on-the-floor excuse this time (“excuse” because no one has ever seen a trace of water on any of the bathroom floors Mom has fallen on). What Mom did do was conk her head but good above the left eye on her way to the floor, then lifted herself up to pull the nurse-call string, then resumed her collapsed position on the floor. I’m told she has a pretty nice-sized mouse on her forehead now. Again, she has been checked for more serious injuries and none were found. Bed-checks will be performed tonight every 15 minutes and a thorough examination will be performed in the morning. They don’t want to take any chances.

The theory of the moment is that a combination of certain medications may be contributing to the falling. The theory may or may not be proven depending on the dates of the falls vs. the meds being taken at the time. My guess is that meds have little or nothing to do with the falls.

This stuff is getting serious. I’m going to have to move down here to monitor this more closely…..
…oh, wait a minute…we’ve already done that. Never mind.



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