Medical update – 111809

It’s Pop this time.

I took him to a scheduled 6-month visit with his urologist on Tuesday. Elevated white cells were found in a urine sample, so the doc examined the bladder.  Since a urinary tract infection was suspected, an antibiotic called Cipro was prescribed and was first administered at 3pm Tuesday. 6 hours later, Pop began to feel ill. He didn’t sleep, threw up several times overnight, couldn’t eat breakfast, became occasionally incoherent and frequently incontinent, and developed a fever.

By the time I got to him (after Mom’s dental appointment), the nursing staff was already on the case. He was ashen. They called his urologist who called me and ordered Pop to the hospital immediately.

There are a bunch of H1N1 cases admitted here at Wesley Long Hospital. It took nearly eight hours to get him into a room upstairs.

At this point, he’s got an IV with fluids, nutrition and stronger antibiotics. He’s now running a 101.0 temperature (up .3 since the last reading) and vacillates between long periods of near-spaciness and short bursts of agitation.

I’ve postponed Mom’s 2nd dental appointment to tomorrow morning. More than likely, I won’t be able to get her there, so George has kindly offered to do it for me. Mom will get her brand new finished choppers about 16 hours late. Until then, she’s nearly toothless.

The hospitalist (doctor) has just preliminarily determined that a UTI is the sole cause of Pop’s current event. The urologist will be here in the morning, so I’ll pull the customary overnighter so as not to miss him.

Pop is snoozing comfortably now. I wish I had my earplugs; things could soon get ugly on the decibel front.

Mañana.   Fred


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