Medical update – 112009

Today’s headlines: Mom Graduated Today; and Pop To Be Released Saturday. Film at 11.

Mom completed PT & OT for her UTI-related stuff a few weeks ago, but only today did she graduate from the OT related to the rehabilitation of her broken left elbow. I saw the before-and-after measurements and they’re pretty impressive. Mom was worked very hard by dedicated staff, and the payoff is an arm that works well again.

It was mutually decided for a variety of reasons that we’d hold off moving Mom to her new room until Monday. Her phone was already moved over today, however, so no one will be able to reach her over the weekend. Visiting is fine…if you’re in the neighborhood.

Meanwhile, Pop is noticeably improved from his first night at Wesley Long. He found it necessary last night to urinate only every 2 or 3 hours as opposed to every hour on night one. And he turned down my offers to assist, opting to do it himself. So I’m not staying with him at the hospital tonight.

He is still relatively knocked-out by the strong IV antibiotics. Tonight, a new bag was added to the mix: a drug that will essentially reset the calcium level presently in his body, and restart normal calcium production. All that from one hanging bag of medicine. Hospital OT/PT and the Urologist have already signed off for Pop to be released. The Urologist will examine the charts and the patient again Saturday morning as will the hospitalist before final final sign-offs are rendered. Then the nursing staff does it’s thing to get Pop outta there. I’ll probably have him back at home before lunch.

I’ve attached a little essay about MRSA. Before I do anything with it, I’d appreciate your criticism of both content and style. Thanks.

Have a Good weekend ! Fred

MRSA essay.doc


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