Parental update – 022410

Today’s subject is poop.

Poop is the term used by CNA’s and LPN’s to describe the solid waste matter that sometimes escapes from elderly bodies in places other than a toilet.

Poop has been the subject of considerable conversation between me and the folks for quite some time now.  We talk frequently about their poop habits and my own.  There is no embarrassment or shame; we’re talking about something important to us all.

Pop’s condition remains the same today as yesterday.  I spent several hours with him after taking Mom to the dentist for a cleaning.  Pop slept through most of my visit.  I did waken him, however, when dinner was served.  He opted to walk to his bathroom and had “an accident” along the way.

Mom and I stood in the hallway outside his room while the staff attended to the cleanup.  She seemed to want to apologize for my having to see the accident.  That got me thinking: I’m not sorry I saw it.  Nor am I sorry I have seen M&P in situations that would have mortified them just a few years ago.  They seem comfortable with me being present for these events, and I am not at all put off by any of it.  What needs doing, needs doing.  And I’ve got the job.

I am honored to have come to the place in their lives where I can be trusted to deal with their most intimate issues.  Who’d-a thought that bad-boy Fred, who gave his parents so much trouble as a child, would one day render this level of care to them?

Poop.  It’s a beautiful thing.


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