Medical update – 032410

Pop is horizontal again.  After more than a week of sitting upright, shaving, dressing, occasional TV-watching and eating, he’s back in bed feeling cold under two blankets with the room heat turned up to a sultry 80 degrees.  His temp was 100.5 this afternoon; not terribly high, but concerning nonetheless.

The Piedmont Place medical team is on the case, as always.  A urine sample will be taken this evening, and processed and transmitted to PP tomorrow.  The question of the day: does Pop have another Urinary Tract Infection?  If he does, he’s going back to the hospital.

On top of that, he’s largely incoherent.  Ask him a question and after a long pause, he’ll give you a disconnected response.  He’s stopped walking, resists eating except for chicken soup, and won’t drink enough.

Mom is treating Pop as her patient, her project.  To that end, she spends minimal time away from his room; she didn’t walk today, and spends only enough time in the dining room to wolf down the essentials.  It’s kind of nice to watch as she gently pushes him to take a few more gulps of water; or goes to the kitchen to request chicken soup for him.  It reminds me of the opposite situation almost exactly a year ago in which I found him instructing her on the use of a wheelchair.  For his part, Pop disjointedly complies with whatever is required of him by anyone, including Mom.  Pigs do fly.

Between Mom and Pop, we’ve ridden this UTI rollercoaster three times in the past year alone.  Things look rather dire at the outset, then clear up and seem benign again.  It’s pretty hard for me to get worked up about this particular incident given that history.  Yet it’s disconcerting to observe the affects of this illness on his body and mind.

I will update you with the latest developments, of course.

Piedmont Place has developed a new brochure for its rehabilitation unit.  The brochure, called “Rehab-to-Home”, features their physical and occupational therapies.  Pictures of actual rehab patients are used including an excellent shot of Mom atop a stair-step apparatus.

She’s on top of the world.


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