Medical update – 032510

There isn’t much new to report today. Pop spent the day sleeping in bed and Mom attended to him.  She has canceled an extra-facility event planned for Friday not wanting to leave him for any length of time.  Last night, Mom asked the head nurse for permission to sleep in her armchair in Pop’s room.  The nurse kindly told her that she would be watching after Pop, and after Mom, too.  Mom seemed grateful for having that responsibility taken from her.

As for Pop, it’s more diarrhea and “accidents” and incoherency. Piedmont Place’s Nurse Practitioner (who is most familiar with his case) spent considerable time examining him this morning. Upper respiratory causes were eliminated and stool and urine samples were taken. The NP and I will know the results in the morning.

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2 Responses to Medical update – 032510

  1. Yvonne says:

    Hi Fred,
    Boy, you’re really busy. I like your updates, well done!
    I too take care of my elderly father (87 years old). I actually live with him so I’m lucky that I don’t have to run between homes. I was just telling someone today that with the elderly, just a few hours can make all the difference in the world. Falls are a threat and of course when my Dad gets sick, pnuemonia seems to follow. I’m so glad your folks have your love (and Lisa’s), strength, and organizational skills to help them along. It’s hard to understand God’s plan, that we start out vulnerable, become strong and capable, and then become vulnerable again. Wishing you a good Palm Sunday weekend. 🙂 Yvonne

    • fredmarx52 says:

      Thanks, Yvonne. Your thought about coming in vulnerable, growing strong, then ending vulnerable again is so true. It’s the tired old cycle (or circle) of life axiom said in a fresh new way. I like it.

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