Medical update – 032610

Pop started the day much improved. He got up, showered, shaved, dressed and ate breakfast. He spent most of the morning upright in his chair, though he did request lunch and dinner in his room fearing that walking to the dining room would be too risky.

Too risky in two ways: one, he still feels too weak to walk; and two, he is still having poop accidents on the way to the bathroom.

As the day wore on, he wore out; the number of accidents increased, and the medical attention increased, too.

The Piedmont Place medical staff did an ‘in-and-out’ catheter yesterday to capture a good urine sample. Urinalysis results came back negative today. Urine culture results will take a couple of days. Speculation is that it, too, will be negative. Stool samples were also taken for C.diff, and they think that’ll be negative as well. By the way, his temperature was normal last night and through the morning.

Pop still experiences lapses in his thinking. It took him quite a while, this morning, to put together a sentence.

He said to me that “there will come a day when we will sing the sad song” for him. I said that this is true for us all, and that it probably wouldn’t be today for him.

Mom keeps getting the idea that these events portend “the end” for Pop. We talked about that and maybe I was successful (this time) in convincing her that she should leave it in God’s hands, because only He really knows when “the end” is for all of us.

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2 Responses to Medical update – 032610

  1. Yvonne says:

    Wow Fred, These are serious days with your folks. Obviously life is a journey. But when our last days (either they be weeks or months) become a little mini journey of their own, you can almost feel the difference in the pulse of life. Like you can feel your heartbeat and the earth’s current at the same time. I guess we have to reach down into our soul and up to our God. I’m glad that you all have each to grasp. You each carry your own unique source of strength, wisdom, courage, and love to each other, and though it is easy to say to leave it in God’s hands (it is the truth afterall), it still doesn’t make the facing of it one bit less serious or frightening. A promise is a promise, hope is hope, and it can become a mantra and something to look forward to, but jumping off a cliff is still jumping off a cliff.
    God’s blessing to all of you. Yvonne

  2. Leland Owens says:

    Fred, I appreciate the Mom & Pop updates. It’s nice to read the ‘play by play’. I’m getting to know them through you.
    Tell your Mom she looks lovely in the photo!
    I will continue to keep your parents and family in my prayers.
    You’re right, let us not be anxious but take comfort in knowing that God will call us each home in His perfect timing!
    Love you guys,

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