Parental update – 040110

Pop had a very good day.  No, he’s not all better…not by a long shot.  But he had a good day, nonetheless.

He was shaved and dressed and breakfasted by the time I got to Piedmont Place at 8:30 to take him to another ophthalmologist appointment.  Though he walked at a snail’s pace, I could tell he was trying.  A straight line is just not doable, but he still gets where he’s going (with random distractions and a bit of cajoling).

This appointment was for a macular degeneration shot and it went as well as it has on my previous two encounters.  Then they issued him a pair of disposable sunglasses, and we were on our way.

I thought he looked "cool." Others smiled their genuine approval.

Taking advantage of his compliance, I asked him if he had enough energy to go with me to a nail salon to get his toenails clipped.  He can’t do it anymore, and he doesn’t much care for the service currently available to him.  He said yes, and the next thing you know…he was getting a pedicure.  A Pedicure !!!

"Yeah, what of it?"

Meanwhile, Mom has lost 18 lbs in the past three months.  She looks and feels and seems alright, but still…   After some discussion with a nutritionist, Mom agreed to a strawberry-flavored “Ensure-” like product three times a day.  Pop will get one each day.  Hopefully this will help them both gain back some weight.

As it turns out, Mom has been getting Ensure since arriving at PP.  What’s become of it?  She’s been giving it to Pop to fatten him up.  On one level, that’s sweet.  On another level…   MOM, they have more !


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