Parental update – 040510

Mom is doing well.  Pop is, too, except that after twenty minutes of walking, today, he “couldn’t take one more step.”  They wheeled him back to his room.  He seems okay otherwise.

Piedmont Place is shuffling things up a bit.  They’re expanding their excellent rehabilitation services and beds which are located near where Mom and Pop’s rooms are (closer to the front entrance).  A number of rooms are now being redesignated for Assisted Living use at the north- and south-west end of the complex (farthest from the front entrance, and deep into Skilled Nursing Care territory).  All of this is subject to state of NC approval which appears a near-certainty.

Neither of M&P’s current accommodations are ideal, and the new space seems even less ideal.  So PP’s administrator is working hard to make things better.  She has plans to create a warmer, less-sterile environment for the new AL space.

But first (drumroll, please), Mom and Pop are moving in with each other.  They’ve been behaving, and spend most of the daylight hours in his room anyway.  He’s ambivalent (he’s always ambivalent, even when he’s healthy), and Mom is pleased.  What Mom is happiest about is the fact that she gets her own private bathroom again.  No sharing with a near-stranger.  She’ll be given a special seat like the one I bought for her while at Wagon Wheel Ranch.  This will help prevent the transmission of bacteria from Pop.

I’m working on room selection right now.  We get first pick.  When the time comes early next month, the room will be stripped and repainted with colors of our choosing.  The administrator is looking into sheer drapes for the room, and (eventually) for carpeting in the hallways.  Then furniture and cable and telephone services will be moved, and voilà!, a new place to live.

It is my hope and intention to make this move a good thing for both M&P.  I had already been looking into alternatives to their present circumstances with a projection into future possibilities when this came up.  Each of them will one day wind up in SNC beds.  This is a big part of why they’re in PP to begin with.


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