Medical update — 050610

Pop isn’t doing well. When I visited on Monday and again yesterday, he was his usual tired, cognitively-disconnected self. Last night, he skipped dinner, developed a 102 degree fever and felt achy all over.

This morning his temperature is nearly normal, but the appetite loss, cognition impairment and achiness remain. Along with that, he’s had several “accidents”. Blood has been taken as have stool samples to test for C.diff and a urine sample to test for another UTI. Results will be here this afternoon. If positive, and/or if his other conditions persist, he will be sent to the hospital where other tests and treatments can be implemented.

I asked Mom privately if she knew what is going on with Pop. Several times in the past, she’s believed that the latest illness would be his last. Today she said she didn’t know what was going on and asked me what I think. I told her my sense is that Pop will be hospitalized, but that he will ultimately recover just as he has before. It’s not optimism on my part, just experience. You go there, they find a problem, they fix it, you go home. Mom seems fairly confident that this will hold true now.

I will update again later today.

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