Medical update — 051510

Pop’s long-anticipated visit to the hospital is finally taking place.  Piedmont Place prepared the paperwork and called ahead to clear the path for us, for which I am grateful.  We arrived at triage (ER) at 5pm yesterday, and after a number of tests and exams were performed there, we were admitted to Room 1321 at 5am today.  Twelve hours of Pop on a gurney in the chilly ER hallway covered with blankets while sick people and shot-up gang members in handcuffs whizzed by with their beefy police escorts.

If I didn’t love this hospital so much, I’d hate it.

Alright, I’ve said it.  Let’s move on.

Hospital nurses squared Pop away till 6:30.  That’s when we got our first good naps.  Breakfast was served at 8:30, and the nephrologist (kidney specialist) came by at 9:30.  He recommended a course of treatment that does not include surgery which Pop has said he doesn’t want.

So here’s what’s happening now: not much.  It’s much like his life at PP, come to think of it.  He sleeps, he eats, he gets bothered by well-intended staff on a frequent basis.  Ah, the joys of life.  (You can’t tell that I’m still sleep-deficient, can you?)

Pop’s system is being flushed with lots of water intravenously.  He has a Foley Catheter, so getting up to go to the bathroom will not be an issue.  That will be followed by the IV version of the new med, and new measurements will be taken.  Current guesstimate is that discharge will occur Monday morning.

I’m keeping Mom in the loop with frequent calls during the day.  She has Pop’s cell phone with her at all times.  I’ve also personally briefed George and Sally.

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