Medical update — 051610

A brief but positive report for a long and boring day.

It’s the second full day here at the hospital.  Pop never left his bed; he didn’t need to.  The catheter took care of the liquid urges and there were no solid urges.  He was happily horizontal all the day long.

What did he miss?  Well, he missed a terrific thunderstorm during the wee hours, and he chose to miss a PGA television broadcast this afternoon. Other than that, not much.

What didn’t he miss?  Well, he didn’t miss three meals which were consumed with his usual relish.  And he didn’t miss me as I spent a few afternoon hours running errands with my bride.

It was altogether a quiet Sunday, except for my return early this evening.  I surprised Pop with a luscious ice cream treat from Cold Stone Creamery.  It had been years, he said, and he worked on that thing for nearly twenty minutes.  Pop was a genuinely happy man.  He then turned over contentedly and went back to sleep.

Note to self: the ‘Love It’ size of “Doughn’t Ya Gotta Have It” at Cold Stone.

Being that this is actually a “Medical” update, I am obliged to mention that the intravenous fluid-flushing part of Pop’s treatment here was completed late today.  The IV medication continues.  At four this morning, blood work was taken and the report came back later that the calcium level had fallen to within two points of normal.  Barring an unforeseen event, the calcium level will be below the target with Monday’s 4am readings, and Pop will be released.

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