Parental update — 052610

It seems that I am compelled to write a blog post only when something important has happened.  It’s good, once in a while, to post when normal things happen, too.

George & Sally visited with the folks again yesterday.  They look well especially considering their recent challenge.  MaryAnn came by with some books for Mom a few days ago, and Varsha will likely bring her smile soon.  Visitors are appreciated; M&P ain’t what they used to be, but they’re still interested (in short doses) in the goings-on of their friends.

Today, Lisa and I took the folks to Walmart and Macy’s to buy summer clothes for Mom and house slippers for Pop, along with a few other sundries.  Pop used his cane, not his walker, and we didn’t borrow wheelchairs at either of the stores.  He withstood the rigors of shopping without complaint and he didn’t poop out; a good sign.

Mom got everything she needed but, because Pop was there, we never revealed the amount spent and Lisa even took off all the tags.  Mom isn’t unlikely to want to send things back.  It’s part of the guilt trip Pop has conditioned into her about spending money.  But with me in the picture, he doesn’t succeed much.  Mom is happy with her purchases; they all fit well and are nice styles and colors.  I should also note that while he still isn’t his former self, Pop was relatively engaged in our proceedings.

It was a hot Carolina day, and after shopping, I asked if anyone wanted a treat from Cold Stone Creamery.  You’ll recall Pop’s joy in receiving one while in the hospital a couple of weeks ago.  Well, because of their ‘conditioning,’ they both said “No” in unison.  Strange dynamics.


You’ll recall that Mom recently gained weight resulting from diet and Glucerna.  Well, the weight gain triggered in Mom the idea that she was no longer in need of the latter, and she canceled it for herself and for Pop.  I always find these things out one way or another (I have spies at Piedmont Place), and I discussed it with the folks.  They’re both back on it again.


Please revisit the letter to the hospital system president post for updates.


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