Parental update — 060310

Today was Mom’s day to shine.

After months of resisting my invitations to visit her old friends at Wagon Wheel Ranch, Mom finally relented  —  and had a great time !

You’ll recall that her last day there, September 7, 2009, was rather a dark day for Mom.  She was amidst the throes of another UTI; she had just fallen and broken her right elbow; she was disoriented and seemed to be fading fast.  She was then hospitalized for a week, and was released to the rehabilitative hands of Piedmont Place where she remains today.

An odd aside…September 8 is Mom & Pop’s anniversary.  Mom’s previous medical crisis occurred on March 6, 2009; Pop’s birthday.  Hmm…   But I digress.

Mom’s disorientation at the time caused long-standing misperceptions of the circumstances under which she’d left WWR and, particularly, certain members of its staff.  In small doses over all of these months, I’ve been working to straighten out Mom’s thinking, and last week she told me that she would return.

A couple of staffers were alerted to Mom’s presence in the lobby today and before you knew it, a long stream of people came from all directions to see her.  I stood off in the distance and watched her enjoy the moment.  Mom greeted each one by name (those she could remember), hugged them, told each of them “God bless you,” and shared that she and Pop are doing just fine.

Residents got in on the act, too, beginning at the front porch on which M&P had spent so much time enjoying the sunny southern weather.  Mom spent quality time with each one and brightened their days.

The Executive Director remarked to me how very different Mom looked today than last September, and he was correct.  Her hair had been done just yesterday, and she had spent a good deal of time today getting her makeup just right.  She looked great and everybody told her so.

As we pulled away, Mom said to me that this gave her “closure” (her word), and that she could put that chapter of life behind her now and be at peace with it.  She later told Lisa that she did miss the elegance of her former residence, but knew that she needed to be at Piedmont Place for the level of care she is getting there.


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