Moving Day — 062510

To be precise, moving day was Wednesday – two days ago.  On that day, Mom’s and Pop’s earthly possessions were moved into their new room at Piedmont Place.  They’re together again! Since no move in the history of moving has ever taken only one day, I’ve extended the story through today so as not to bore anyone with too much detail.

The new room is 150ft from Pop’s old room; less than that from Mom’s.  There just didn’t seem to be all that much stuff left from previous downsizings.  Yet, the work at hand took most of ten hours.

A couple of those hours were consumed by a field trip to purchase a standing shelving unit for the bathroom, a bathrobe for Pop, a CD player for Mom, and a brand new 26″ HD Digital flat-panel TV.  The TV was made necessary because the available space would not accommodate the bulky old 25″ CRT.  I think Pop is really pleased with his selection.  The picture and sound are really good, and if he gets a mind to, he can even watch a bunch of channels in high-definition.  Another detail: the remote has a half-million buttons on it, eliciting disdainful reactions from both M&P.  So I reprogrammed their own easy remote to do the same job.  They’re happy.

That was day one.  I left the folks for their first night together in ten months.  The place was barely accessible…piles of this and that everywhere; a veritable obstacle course.  Not surprisingly, they both had difficulty falling asleep; it had been quite a day of change.  But when the sandman arrived, they both slept solid through to 7:30am.

Yesterday was all about getting things up off the floor…mounting and programming the new TV and hanging pictures.  Lots of pictures.  Pop had wanted to build the shelving unit himself, but stopped after an hour and I gently assumed the task with his ‘help.’  (We also snuck in a visit to Pop’s urologist Thursday.  I’ll report on this in the next Medical update.)

Today, George lent me his pickup and I moved a chest of drawers from our house to M&P’s.  It’s the reuniting  of a matched set, so everything looks intentional and nice.

There are yet a few touches on my list of things to do.  Just a couple more hours and it will all be done.  In the meantime, Mom and Pop both claim to be pleased with their new abode.  I’ll probably leave them be for the weekend.


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2 Responses to Moving Day — 062510

  1. Elizabeth Marx says:

    Holy cow! How is it that I didn’t know they were moving on the 25th! (Not that you need to check with me, of course). I have asked Mom a hundred times when they will be moving and she always said that she didn’t know. Well, surprise, surprise! I’m happy for them and very curious as to how this will all work out this time.

  2. Yvonne says:

    Thanks so much for these updates Fred. Its so nice to have someone so eloquently communicate all the love and work that goes into caring for aging parents. Did you ever think you would be so important? 🙂 Hope you and yours have a wonderful weekend!

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