Medical update — 080310

When we arrived at Piedmont Place Tuesday, Pop’s blood pressure was high and his electrolytes were low. He’d had another day without food or fluids; another day with episodes of vomiting and diarrhea.

All of this, taken together, pointed to the now-obvious conclusion that Pop needs to be in the hospital. He would not have made the trip very well in the car (having the spinal strength of a sack of potatoes), so he was transported horizontally by paramedic. They wheeled him into triage right away, and forty-five minutes later a nurse and two doctors descended on him for a thorough examination.

Pop has been minimally responsive over the past several days, and was unable to answer more than a couple of questions (correctly!), so I was the resource for the doctors’ questions.

An abdominal CT scan has been performed to ensure that all subject systems are functioning properly. All of the now-familiar tests have been run and some of the results are already in. Pop’s white cell count is 33 when it should be less than 8. This is an indication of infection somewhere in his body. His BP has been as high as 175/110 and his pulse and respiration are both high.

So he has been admitted.  At this writing, we’re just leaving triage at our favorite hospital. For those of you keeping score at home, it was almost eleven hours until admission; not the longest ever; not the shortest; not good.

Pop is being given IV fluids and he keeps trying to yank the tubes out. But he’s a little less compulsive now since I got him some Vicodin for his back pain.

Mom is well cared for at Piedmont Place and expressed some relief that this medical burden was being removed from her. The worry expressed yesterday has been replaced with peace. Mom will have her hair done on Wednesday, and may even attend Bible study at her church Thursday morning.

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One Response to Medical update — 080310

  1. Amber Fisher says:

    Just wanted to leave a quick note to share my thoughts.

    I finally made time to catch up on all your posts since our vacation. I am especially touched by the ‘Birthday’ and the ‘Music’ story. The fact that you all put together such an event for your mother’s birthday which you could have easily brushed by, is so sweet. I am convicted. I want to cry. That is very special. I want get better at birthdays. I will.

    And the music story, I love the timing of your book reading with his music interest. What a most simple and divine moment. How special it is for any of us to get to talk about things we feel strongly about.

    I also want to say that the human body and mind is amazing. We are so fragile, yet the things you mention your parents going through are very heavy. I just got over a cold and I thought it took me from a 10 to a 5. We can always handle more than we think, right?

    As I have said before, I am realizing lately how the most simple things are the best things. The things we feel when we remember. Normal life things. Your posts continue to accelerate my thinking. To see my parents and in-laws in light of the unknown future.

    I enjoy praying for you and your family. How cool it is that there is a God!


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