Medical update — 080410

The past thirty-six hours or so have been quite stressful for Pop, and now we know why. In addition to his usual bucket of issues, he now has a heart rhythm which far exceeds normal levels. This has been the primary area of concern today, and is being treated with an IV med. This is on top of IV antibiotic and probiotic treatment for C.diff, an IV med to lower his white cell count and IV fluids.

We’ve been in this situation before and usually twenty four hours after arrival at the hospital, Pop shows signs of bouncing back. This time, it’s different. He hasn’t been coherent for many days now, and remained so today. He is irrational, has several times pulled the telemetry leads from his chest, and has yanked his IV plum out of his arm four times. Ouch!

He is catheterized for both liquid and solid waste, but when he gets the urge to ‘go’, he tries to get out of bed which messes up everything he’s connected to. I say, loudly, “Pop, don’t get up” at least three times before getting his compliance. After one of these incidents, he snapped, “What’s wrong with you?” And that, ladies and gentlemen, was all he said all day.

He had broth for breakfast, broth for lunch, and broth for dinner along with cherry Jello and apple juice; perhaps we can call that ‘progress.’

The doctor says that Pop will be here for several days. While it may be frustrating getting into this place, and sobering to monitor the patient, I’m glad we’re here. The staff are simply the best (in fact, several of them recognize me from past visits with both Mom and Pop) not to mention their skill and dedication to their patients.

I’m tired. Proof: I can’t make the last sentence work.

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