Medical update — 080510

Some things are getting better. Pop’s white cell count is slowly decreasing. His heart med is beginning to have its desired effect, and his BP is normal again. Diarrhea is becoming less frequent.

His cognition may be a bit better than we think, but it’s really hard to tell. I still have to tell him things many times and still he doesn’t cooperate. The bed alarm is a frequent spoiler of the peace. Pop still wants to do what his scrambled brain wants him to do. He ate very little breakfast and lunch, but did eat about half of his dinner. He makes eating motions while he sleeps.

Dehydration is still an issue; his one remaining kidney is not keeping up with the output, so the IV drip stays along with the other IV meds listed here yesterday.
The doctor says that Pop will be here for several more days before returning to Piedmont Place. But when he returns, it may be for rehab or as a Skilled Nursing Care patient. This, of course, means that Pop will be separated from Mom again a little more than a month after their reuniting. It means that he goes to an SNC bed in another area of PP, and that Mom gets a new roommate in her Assisted Living room.

Neither of these things are ideal, but both are part of the contingencies for which we planned. Mom doesn’t know yet; I will probably introduce it into her thinking tomorrow.

She had a pretty good day today, though, attending Bible study at her church with Lisa escorting, and lunch at a chinese restaurant with the study’s participants afterward. It was all very much fun for her to be in such a familiar social setting.

After depositing Mom at Piedmont Place, Lisa picked me up so I could go home and walk/run/exercise. The temp was in the high 90’s with high humidity and storms a-coming. But I really needed to get out there and was doing just fine until a lightning bolt chased me back home. Maybe good intentions count?

So a few hours with my bride and I’m back at the hospital unsuccesfully negotiating with a pharmacist for Pop’s Vicodin. He’s all cleaned up and resting and she can see no reason to give him the pain med for his lower back. All this because of a minor clerical error.

A nurse coaxed him into listening to some light classical music, so the setting here is quite serene.

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