Medical update — 081010

We have shared some rather intimate stories, you and I. Few things rank more intimate than death. But you’re still reading ElderBlog and I’d like to think that’s because you’ve established a caring relationship with us. What I will write today will likely be the last of the graphic descriptions of my father’s condition. After this, I think, my words will be more reverent of a life near its end.

I received a call from the doctor today. Fluids are collecting in Pop’s lungs, meaning, essentially, that he’s drowning. They used a suction device to collect fluids (maybe 20cc’s the first time, even more just a couple of minutes ago) and it’s the wrong color. Immediately thereafter, he is gurgling with every exhalation again.

Pop is not responding to treatment and there are no indications that he will. The doctor said that it’s time to make a decision. The Palliative Care people here at the hospital will evaluate him in the morning and we’ll meet to share Pop’s end of life wishes. I have all of the documents with me, so that should go rather easily.

And then, we wait.

We siblings and spouses will teleconference tomorrow. Then Elizabeth will throw her schedule to the wind, and Michael will fly in from Europe.

Mom is well aware that Pop is not doing well. We haven’t sheltered her from the truth. But tomorrow morning, I will visit her at Piedmont Place to share with her the reality of this situation. I will choose my words and tone carefully. Any way I say it, though, it will be heartbreaking.

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  2. Anne Stearns says:

    Fred & Lisa
    I don’t know if you will ever realize all that you have done for so many people. Following what you are going through has helped me in my journey. I have come to cherish all the good memories of my folks and realize the not so good aren’t all the important. Thank God for God! Bless you both,

  3. Yvonne says:

    Dearest Brave and Good Fred and Lisa,
    My heart is aching for you as I can only imagine how difficult this is. We do all, everything possible that we can, and we win so many fights, that we almost come to believe that we will always win. For me personally, I sometimes think I hold myself in too high regard in what I can and cannot affect. You have cared for your parents like we care for our children. Everyday you have given whole-heartedly the best of your thought, time, talent, cash, strength, hopes, and dreams. God bless you both for walking shoulder to shoulder and heart to heart with your Father as he has ever so slowly, but ever so surely started his transition. I am sending gentle prayers toward your whole family, especially your mother at this time. God is close to the brokenhearted. Yvonne

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