Medical update — 081710

Pop died on Thursday and was buried on Sunday. I don’t know quite how to tell you this, but Mom fell again last night. She became unconscious, fell and conked her head pretty good.

My baby sister, Elizabeth, was right there when it happened. She did all the right things…alerted the nursing staff; supported Mom’s head; called me when a half dozen nurses had descended on her. She gave me the information I needed and acted as liaison between the head nurse, EMS and me. It was so great having her on the scene.

The folks in ER/Triage did their always-superb best. Labs were taken; negative. A CT scan of her neck and head; negative. Vitals were monitored continually. Here we had some occasional issues but nothing that, by itself, pointed to a specific problem apart from low blood pressure and, sometimes, low heart rate. On second thought, that’s enough problems, isn’t it?

Mom spent only six hours in triage before getting a room in the Cardiology wing. Here, she has been tested even further, had three MRI’s, and been interviewed by three specialist doctors. What had been a theory for the cause was shot down by one of them. Now they want to return to some scans from a similar situation in 2007.

So here we are again; “Second verse, same as the first.” But this time, Mom woke up in the room upstairs and had what seemed to me to be the sharpest mind in about ten years. That may not be factually true, but seemed so. Her energy level and ability to deal with family members still here from the funeral give us reason to believe that this will be a short hospital stay.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

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  1. Lady Lou says:

    Oh my goodness, Fred. What next??
    I can’t remember, but does your mom have slow heart rate a lot of the time? Has “pacemaker” ever been mentioned? Hang in there! If there is one thing I do know…the older parents get, the more help they may need. Love you much! Hi to my sis (aka “the princess”)!!

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