Thank You very much

I have received responses and condolences to my father’s passing too numerous to count. They’ve come from family, friends, and people around the world. Some have offered comfort and prayer; others, their own stories and experiences as caregivers.

I hope you’re reading the comments which can be found by clicking the  red Comments link at the top of each post. They, themselves, add meaning and value to ElderBlog.  And of course I’d like to encourage you to add your own thoughts by clicking on the red Add A Comment link also atop each post.

Mostly, I want to thank you — all of you — for reading, for caring about my family and me, and for your contributions to the dialog. This vehicle moves us all forward as my own generation — baby boomers — approaches old age. I will continue to write, and will continue to be thankful for the many of you who care.


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