Network update — 083010

The work of extricating my father from his earthly bindings continues.  It’s not that things are a mess; they aren’t.  Rather, there is simply a lot of it to do, and the stuff I’m doing now cannot be done in advance.  Anyway, that’s my excuse for not writing for several days, and I’m sticking to it.


Once again, ElderBlog has been discovered by another large, authoritative online network dealing with similar issues.  Time Goes By is now on my blogroll in the right-hand column.  Please do click on it and give them a try.


The passing of my father is now approaching three weeks in the past.  There’s still no sign of grieving – among any of us.  I’ll be watching this carefully, especially the guy I can see best in the mirror.  New posts and commentary will come with better frequency in coming days, likely including tomorrow.


Once again, I’d like to say a sincere ‘Thank You’ to the many who sent condolences.  As with any field of endeavor, it’s good to know that what you do has a positive impact.


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