The view from 3500 feet — 091710

The point has been made time and again: caregivers must take care of themselves lest they be rendered unable to help others.  I saw this moment approaching late last week and announced to Lisa that we ought to take a few days to do something we’ve never done before; something relaxing;  something in a place that’s new to us.  We chose the Blue Ridge Parkway through the mountains of North Carolina and Virginia.

What an amazing drive it was.  Mile after mile of beauty at every turn.  Plenty of places to pull off and take pictures.  Historical sites to visit.  Natural scenic attractions like Grandfather Mountain and its nature preserve and mile-high suspension bridge; Mabry Mill and on and on.  I was a bit surprised to observe that there were more motorcycles than cars on the Parkway and that their riders were my age; professionals looking for a getaway just as we were.  We enjoyed breakfast with a Canadian one morning.  Now he was out for a ride!

The surprise ‘find’ of our trip was a Bed and Breakfast called “The Alpine Inn” in Little Switzerland, NC.  Here’s a dazzler — the view from our balcony:



The view from our deck at "The Alpine Inn"

We stayed there Tuesday night and enjoyed it so much that we worked our way back and stayed there again last night.  Innkeepers Ron & Susan Lough are incredibly nice; home-made breakfast was served on their porch with hummingbirds dining only feet away; and there’s always that view.  Our little staycation lasted only three and a half days but we felt as if it had been much longer.  We’ve already set plans to return in mid-October when the leaves are turning.

It should be no surprise that things didn’t break while we were gone.  I will remember that the next time we feel the need for a little R & R.


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5 Responses to The view from 3500 feet — 091710

  1. Elizabeth Marx says:

    Fantastic! I wish I had known so I could live vicariously through you two! It sounded fabulous.

  2. Lorri Peters says:

    Aaaaaaaaahhh, how beautiful!!!! High-five to you for giving yourselves a get-a-way. It sure brings back perspective, doesn’t it? Love and miss you much!


  3. Fred & Lisa

    Thank you so much for the kind words. We seem to thrive on meeting people like yourself and then seeing them again and again.
    See you in October!

    Ron & Susan
    P.S. Nice job on the Blog page!!!

  4. Michael Marx says:

    Wonderful! It’s on my list as the #1 tourist attraction for the East Coast. The perfect get-away!

  5. Leland & Lisa says:

    So happy that the two of you had a great time. We love those mountains from New England to Tennessee. One life goal is to drive from the top to the bottom. 😉

    Miss you both,

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