The wacky world of Medicaid — 092710

Who’d a thunk it could be this much fun?  Medicaid, which pays for a substantial part of Mom’s existence, does have its limits: an income limit and an assets limit.  Mom’s income, properly disbursed, should not exceed either limit, right?


It exceeds both.  For that reason, Medicaid is going to expire for now.  Mom can have it back if/when she goes to a Skilled Nursing bed.

What happened?

I tracked it back to the meeting with our lawyers in 2005.  They told me today that there was no reason to wrangle with this issue at that time because they knew there was nothing that could be done ahead of time to prepare for it.  Facts of the case could not have been known, such as who would die first.  So, rather than muddy the waters of my already over-loaded brain (then as now), they were compassionate.  In truth, I actually agree with their strategy.  There was nothing we could do until now.

Mom is receiving modest incomes from Social Security and from Pop’s retirement.  But her ‘rent’ plus medical supplies and weekly hair styling now amount to roughly twice what they were until Pop’s death because Mom is now a “Private Pay” patient.  That happens automatically with the loss of Medicaid.

Our salvation here might come (as it has before) from the Veterans Administration.  Pop served in the Marine Corps toward the latter end of the Korean War.  For that service and his rank, Mom may be eligible for a benefit called the “Aid and Attendance.”  If she gets the maximum amount, we will be within a hundred dollars or so of her actual costs; and those dollars can easily be covered by funds we have socked away for her for just these purposes.

There are still a great many issues requiring my attention.  While I muddle through them, I’m asking myself if anything was missed for which I am responsible.  The AR manager at Piedmont Place assures me there is not; as does the  Medicaid specialist at our attorney’s office.  Tomorrow I’ll contact the county Medicaid case manager  –  with whom, along with the attorney, I’ve had a working relationship for over five years  –  to share information and to get her input.


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